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Secret Time To Send SMS Marketing That Gets Results!

Updated: Oct 17

Welcome to the world of SMS marketing or we can name it as a golden ticket to your brand’s success. You might be knocking out in all marketing methods but lagging in SMS marketing. Don’t worry as in this guide we will take a look at the best techniques to use while performing SMS marketing so that your brand can catch the instant customer attention you need.

Best Time to Send SMS Marketing Texts

While figuring out the best time to send SMS Marketing texts can be a bit of a tacky task, we can make it simple for you. You just need to understand the basics.


keep a strong eye on the time set of business hours when your target audience is wide awake and stuck to their phones. This will make your text messages will have a greater impact of being highly attention-grabbing with your audience.

You can follow the popular basic principle timings, including noon, 2 p.m., and 6-8 p.m. on days including Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. At noon whether it's a weekend or a working day, at this time mostly people are found much easier to reach out. The 2 p.m. timings also work the best for brands to stand out. From 6-8 pm, most people are found to be on their phones to feel relaxed, so that can work out for you to hit them with your text.

Overall, the time set you prefer should make your audience feel that your brand is authentic and user-friendly rather than being misunderstood as spam.

Industry-Specific Best Times

In the growing era of SMS Marketing, Industry-specific timings make a huge difference in your brand promotion and growth. They are the key compass or researched insights to follow while opting for timings to send the hit button for text marketing. However, it's important to understand that one should not make themselves limited by it as it can vary with the growing nature of the market. Ultimately, if you are new to SMS marketing it is safe to follow the industry-specific timings but as a brand with a unique prospect, one should experiment with different timings to gather more attention from the audience because sometimes the odd can work for you too!

Factors to Consider for Your Audience

Until now, you might have an idea that while marketing your brand, the audience’s attention is all you need to grow your SMS marketing. However, there are some factors to understand before instantly messaging your text including your audience’s distinct habits, preferences, and geographical locations. You should consider the fact that your audience should not be receding your message which might eventually make them feel instantly unsubscribed. Hence, this research data will help your brand get an instant push to your SMS marketing; bringing more leads and a wider audience. You just need to provide your SMS marketing with the right input data and you are good to grow for greater promotions.

Personalization and Content

Timings are everything, but what if your text doesn't possess the content it requires? Here’s how we can make things interesting for you. Seriously, when it comes to creating engagement with your target audience, personalization is the key. The small things matter the most, for instance, calling your customer by their name can make them feel good by just receiving your text. In addition, keeping personalization in mind you can also structure the tones in your text to give users a small snippet of a brand that you find interesting. Remember to keep experimenting with your texts or make a hook at the start of your sentence as this will ultimately boost your brand’s engagement.

How to Use Document Outlines in SMS Marketing

Another hidden tea behind successful SMS marketing campaigns is none other than the document outlines. These are simple tools that help your brand to enhance its communication skills and readability for its users, essentially making the text more impactful and fun. To start with, you first need to generate an outline that is the main aspect of your text. This outline can simply be a precise headings or sub-headings. Then you need to look at the way you organize your information in the SMS, which needs to be natural and not stuffy. Finally, by keeping these points in mind, you can master the art of communicating directly with your audience in the coolest way with SMS text marketing.

Advanced Techniques for Timing SMS Marketing Texts

There is no ideal timing for your SMS marketing and that’s why we say that there is no single solution for it. Why is it so? It’s because your business is unique and it caters to a specific audience that has particular needs, habits, and even varied locations.

For that matter advanced techniques are there to optimize your time for sending marketing texts. For instance, you can utilize data analysis tools for precise scheduling and unveil peak engagement times.

Audience segmentation based on location and behavior articulates your time even more. However, it is important to know that such methods need additional resources and expertise. But yes it is certain that by using them, you’ll avail effective SMS marketing campaigns. Experimentation and data-driven insights guide your SMS strategy toward optimal engagement and success.

Best Practices for SMS Marketing Content

In text marketing bounding to some tips and tricks is of paramount importance. Before you hit 'send' on any message, ensure you have the green light from your subscribers; because compliance is key folks.

The best approach is to use an optimized technique like keywords or a web form, that eventually respects the boundaries set by your audience. Additionally, timing matters too; steer clear of bustling hours, respecting your subscribers' need for undisturbed mornings and evenings.

P.S. Whenever you contemplate SMS marketing content think globally i.e., consider time zones and personalization to tailor your messages for the perfect delivery and the perfect audience.

When you set clear expectations, you just need the right momentum of a recent transaction with a well-timed thank-you text. In the last, show prudence by sending holiday messages and acknowledge sensitive world events by giving your subscribers a breather when needed.

Remember, in the world of text marketing, respect and consent are your best allies.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in SMS Marketing

In the SMS marketing world, some common pitfalls need to be avoided. Such as sending infinite messages to your audience so they eventually get irritated by you and then feel alienated. This excessive messaging not only irritated them but it felt spammy and remember it is a major reason for turning off. Moreover, ignoring unsubscribe requests not only violates trust but may breach regulations.

Make sure that you avoid these blunders and preserve a positive reputation for your brand. This will foster trust with your audience.


As a result, SMS marketing is a potent instrument that may have a big influence on the success of your company. Understanding the best practices for timing, content, and personalization is critical to ensure that your communications reach your intended audience. You may boost the probability of grabbing your subscribers' attention by sending communications during peak engagement periods and honoring their preferences.

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