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These Simple Tricks Stop Instagram from Scrolling to the Top on Android

Updated: Oct 17

How to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android

We all have been going through a new auto-scrolling feature on Instagram, where our feed is refreshed with new updates. It can be annoying at times because you might get too invested in your feed and are about to send the meme to your friends, and suddenly, it disappears. Yes, we understand; disruption credits are due on Android. But you don’t need to give up on your scrolling, right? Today, we will dive deep into the problem outline for how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android and see how we can resolve this issue in a snap.

How to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android:

1- Check for App Updates

The first hack to get rid of the problem is to keep your eye on app updates on your Android phone consistently. For that, you can open the Google Play Store and click on the three horizontal bars located in the top-left corner.

Find the My Apps & games option, and after selecting that, you’ll find the list of Apps installed on your device. Then, in that list, you need to look up Instagram and see if there’s any update available. After clicking update, you will maximize your Instagram experience with the updated version, which will eventually have less chance of disruption.

Updation is the key. If you want to avoid any bugs, you need to be using the latest version of your Instagram, and you will be good to go!

2- Clear Instagram Cache

You are keeping up with the regular updates check for Instagram, but forget about clearing the cache? Don’t worry we will figure this out for you. Before starting up, you should have an idea about the mystery bug behind all of this, right?

Cache typically consists of the collection of temporary data that can affect your device's performance. Hence, that is the reason why when you clear the cache from your phone, you can actually see the potential difference in the performance. To do this, you need to open the settings on your device and select the apps installed.

Then, you need to find Instagram and clear the cache from there. That's it, enjoy the experience and don’t forget to thank us later!

3- Disable Auto-Refresh

You might haven’t thought of this solution which is coming up next i.e. to disable the auto-refresh for your Instagram feed. Yes, you have the option to choose whether you want an auto refresh for your Instagram or not.

For this, you first need to open your Instagram account, and on your profile, click on the three horizontal lines and tap to open settings and privacy. From there, in the “Your App and Media” catalog, select "Data Usage and Media Quality.”

From the list and toggle off the "Data Saver" option. And you are good to move on to start your smooth scrolling again without any interpretations.

4- Disable Adaptive Battery

Another way to save yourself from auto-refresh scrolling is to disable the adaptive battery feature on your Android device. Open settings and find the battery option. From there, look for the "Device" or "Device Care" option and tap on it.

After locating battery settings in your phone, toggle off the Adaptive battery option. However, there are some points that you should keep in mind before disabling it as can lead to the closure of background apps, glitches while using apps like Instagram and affect the overall battery performance.

5- Use Relevant Keywords in Headings

How can one imagine SEO viability without relevant keywords? We all know they act as a key master while optimizing our content. Headings are literal signposts of content and include targeted keywords to increase the optimization of the content to be recognized in the search results.

Before going with the best keywords, first research which could act as a best on the search engine. This will eventually help you in reaching out to potential audiences and complying with your business goals. The essential tip to follow is to make use of a clear heading hierarchy to structure your content and enhance it into logical headings and subheadings.

This will not only aid the user to navigate through your content but will make the search engine optimise your content automatically.

6- Use Header Tags to Improve SEO

Another way to make your SEO the best is to use Header Tags i.e.H1, H2, H3, etc. They might seem simple but play a significant role in organising your content and making it to the trending Google search engine results.

More importantly, they aid Google in easily comprehending the structure of your content to easily improve its indexing and ranking. On the other hand, it also provides feasibility for users with enhanced readability and a proper outline and purpose of your content. Some of the best exercises of header tags include using keywords in the headers to optimize SEO without stuffing it.


In our guide’s outline, ‘For how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top of Android’, you might have surely found multiple ways to stop your Instagram from acting too exhausting for you.

From regularly checking the App updates, to clearing caching and disabling the auto-refresh feature, it's safe to say that you can easily enjoy your deep-down scrolling on Instagram now. If you still haven’t tried out our methods, you can do it now and take relief from this.

It is time to embrace these solutions and make your Instagram experience more enjoyable. Also, keep in mind the importance of using relevant keywords and header tags to take your SEO to an upgraded level!

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