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Mother and Daughter

Social Media Manager

Our VA Social Media Manager is not just social butterfly, they're savvy content creators who know how to plan, execute, and analyze your social media presence to get the most out of your brand.

Need someone to manage your online presence? We have the perfect solution - a media manager to help you navigate the digital world. No matter what you post, they'll be there to make sure it's a hit!

Our Media Manager knows the right content to post and the right methods to create an engaging online presence. We got the VA Social Media Manger who are straight-up pros at analyzing the performance of each channel. They know what's poppin' and what's floppin', so we stay on top of our social media game, ya dig?

Jack Of All Trades

Social Media Manager don't just stop at social media - they're also trained on CRMs! They know how to use customer relationship management tools to build and maintain relationships with your audience, helping to increase engagement and loyalty.


CRM Trained

Assisted Masters of Content Planning

Premium Quality

Social Media Rockstars

At Rozi Academy, our Social Media Manager is the cream of the crop. They're social media rockstars who are always on top of the latest trends and techniques. Our Media Manager is just the perfect balance, We promise we won't be too "social" or "media" on you.

Nurture Connections With Your Peeps

Our Social Media Manager don't just crush it on the social scene - they also got the skills to navigate CRMs like nobody's business! They know how to use those customer relationship management tools to forge and nurture connections with your peeps, boosting engagement and building loyalty like it's second nature. Word up!

Our Services

Social Media Manger who provides top-notch content creation services that will leave your audience wanting more.

Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Manager who are master of social media strategy, is a dream come true with us!!!  They know how to plan and execute killer social media campaigns that will drive engagement, increase followers, and ultimately help you reach your goals.

Social Media Monitoring

VA Social Media Manager like digital hawks, constantly scanning the internet for mentions of your brand and engaging with your audience in real-time.

Data Driven Results

The coolest thing about  VA Social Media Manager is their ability to use data to drive results. They analyze social media metrics to identify what's working and what's not, and use that information to continuously improve your brand's social media presence.

Social Media Gurus Of The Internet

Social Media Manager at Rozi Academy - they're the real deal. These guys are like the social media gurus of the internet, and they know how to take your brand to the next level.

CRM Trained

Our Media Manager cats know how to make audience feel valued and heard, building relationships that go beyond the 'gram or Facebook. With their CRM skills, VA Social Media Manager can take your social media game UP, helping you increase engagement, retain customers, and grow your brand like a boss. Having a pro like that on your team is straight-up cool, my friend.

Real MVPs Of The Social Media Game

Rozi Academy’s Social Media Manager ain't just professionals - they got some serious inborn talent too! It's like they were born with the gift of the gab and the ability to turn even the most boring topics into straight-up fire content. They're like the Beyonces of the social media world, slaying those hashtags and captions with ease.

Engagement Boost

Social Media Manager are total pros. They know their stuff, from crafting the perfect post to analyzing engagement metrics, and they do it all with a level of professionalism that would make even the most uptight boss nod in approval. So yeah, having a social media manager with both natural talent and professional skills is pretty darn cool, if you ask us.

Our Results

Organic Appointment Setting


$5800 in single deal!

Organic Appointment Setting


$6800 closed!

Organic Lead generation

3 Days In and & Booked!

7th meeting in 3 days!

Still Wondering Why You Need Our VA Social Media Manager???

It's not just about posting pics and memes - Social Media Manager also have the expertise to analyze your channel's performance, identifying what's working and what's not.

What Our Customers Say

Rozi Academy's social media consistently produce engaging content that captures our brand's essence and keeps our followers hooked. Thanks to their efforts, our social media presence has skyrocketed! Keep up the great work, Sarah."

Matt T.

I cannot praise Rozi Academy's social media manager enough. Their ability to connect with our audience and create content that resonates is truly impressive. Thank you, Emily, for all your hard work!"

Jenna R.

Working with Rozi Academy's social media manager has been a game-changer for our brand. They bring a level of creativity and innovation to our social media strategy that we couldn't achieve on our own.

David L

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