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How to Save Time and Money with a Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social Media Virtual Assistant

In our fast-paced world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to save their time and money yet attain exceptional outcomes. This is where a social media virtual assistant comes in. Social Media Virtual Assistant basically handles your entire online presence eventually freeing you up from those petite tasks so you can concentrate on the main one. Nowadays businesses heavily rely on a solid social media outlook because it plays a major role in amping up your brands’s visibility and interactions.

In this article, we’ll explore how a social media professional can turbocharge your social media game so you can save some valuable resources along the line.

Tasks performed by a social media virtual assistant

With the growing digital market, there’s a need for every brand to keep their social media management a top priority. However, while keeping up with the daily updates and trends it becomes difficult to remain consistent with your presence on social media, there’s when social media management makes life easy. From scheduling content to daily posting on multiple social handles, social media manager always make sure to grow engagement and target the right audience.

1. Content Creation and Scheduling

A social media manager understands the depth of your brand’s identity, competitors, and market trends that result in generating unique ideas and organic growth for your business. While creating the content, they make sure to optimize every post in terms of its visuals and its relatability with the audience.

After creating the content, the social media content creator focuses on the next prime factor of scheduling the posts. From the data, social media assistants strategize post timings to boost visibility and organic growth. They will also keep an eye on your social insights to observe the impact of keywords and content implemented to further enhance your brand’s online presence.

Lastly, the most essential role of a content creator is to maintain the scheduling of posts to meet your audience’s and achieve the brand’s goal, and eventually save up to 78% of operating expenditure every year of your business.

Social Media Account Management

Social media account management plays an effective role in your online branding success. It mainly involves daily content upgradation, interaction with the audience, and data-driven optimizations to establish your brand away from your competitors.

Upon research, 73% of marketers believe that a consistent well-managed presence results in a growing audience. In addition, 68% of the users prefer to communicate with brands through their social platforms.

The social media virtual administrative assistant will make sure to show your brand’s visibility on social media by showing 24/7 active responsiveness to user’s comments and questions. This will not only help your brand build a strong online community but will also aid in building trust and loyalty towards your customers.

Social Media Strategy Development

Creating a social media strategy without a social media professional is definitely a daunting task. But the fact of the matter is that you need to develop a simple yet articulated digital marketing strategy as per your goals and resources.

What social media strategy caters? Well, it includes content guidelines, posting frequency, marketing campaigns, visionary concepts, and engagement layout. The social media remote assistant will focus on this approach to connect your brand with customers, advertise new products or services, and promote the brand holistically.

Social media engagements position your brand and create its voice to reach the targeted audience in less time and available resources.

Influencer Identification and Collaboration

Do you know what is the best way to tap into the hearts of your existing and potential customer base? Well, it is influencer marketing. Yes, you heard this right! Influencers have the power to bridge a strong connection of your brand with the targeted audience. Keeping this in mind you need to have an online assistant who positions your brand and creates a unique voice for it, excels in your leads and sales, maximizes your brand traffic and visibility, and creates user-generated content for some real-time proofs.

The virtual assistant first identifies the suitable influencer for you that has authenticity and then sets your campaign goals and budget as per your brand’s KPI. After finding the right candidate, collaborate with them effectively and make sure that they agree on T&Cs, campaign goals, and budget.

Market Research and Content Ideation

Digital assistants have to brainstorm and explore topics relevant to the industry niche so that they resonate with your targeted audience's specific demands. This practice eventually delves deeper into the desires, requirements, and viewer interaction through meticulous analysis.

These virtual assistants help you craft an effective content ideation strategy that automatically benefits your brand to retain the existing customer base and create the potential customer funnel by looking at their demographics and physiographics.

They also conduct research for the relevant keywords, analyze the growth pattern of your competitors, listen to social media convos, gather active feedback from audiences, and organize brainstorming sessions for the team so they know about the trends and relevant events.

Social Media Advertising Management

Making you stand out in a whole lot of brands as per the algorithms and search engine rankings is the job of social media marketing assistants. As per a recent survey, the purchasing decisions of 75% of Gen Zes and 48% of millennials heavily rely on social media ads. For that matter, US ad spending in 2020 reached $40.3bn which gave us a clear picture of how vital advertising campaigns are for your brand.

After giving this responsibility to a social media consultant you can save time and invest that in future endeavors. That virtual assistant monitors the ad campaign across various social media handles and maximizes your reach and ROI with some analysis of performance metrics.

Benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant

As per the above tasks performed, social media handlers offer you a full range of benefits that include:

  • Saving tons of hours and resources that need to be directed just on your business

  • Proficient in handling social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc., and ensuring that your brand’s visibility is always on point.

  • Maintaining and scheduling proper posting tactics to build and engage the audience while enhancing trust and authenticity.

  • Propagating a solid brand image in the digital world.

  • Engage with the audience via comments and DMs and nurture meaningful binds within the digital community.

Where to find reliable social media assistant

Searching for a skilled social media expert can become a tiring task if you don’t have the right approach. But you don’t need to worry as we can share some platforms where you can easily find a suitable person to upscale your business.

Online marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, TaskBullet, and Virtual Coworker offer you various freelancer profiles all around the world from where you can select the best talent.

Furthermore, you can opt for LinkedIn to reach out to potential and emerging talents and seek recommendations from their peers for transparency. Lastly, you can choose a virtual assistant agency that provides tailored solutions and expertise for your social media management requirements.


After understanding social media personal assistant roles and benefits, we’ve to say that their expertise isn’t just a matter of convenience but a competitive edge. They handle almost all the tasks of the digital realm from content ideation to calendar scheduling, and influencer identification to monitoring campaigns.

Social Media Virtual Assistant skills can actually boost your brand image and ultimately drive leads to your business. Thus, keep in mind whether you’re a startup or a brand you need to have a social media virtual assistant who can supervise all the minute details related to upscale your brand.

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