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Virtual Personal Assistant: Your Secret Weapon for a More Productive Life

Updated: Oct 18

A personal assistant is a strong reason many business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers have "made it." They are successful enough in their lives to be able to outsource some of their most minor favorite duties in addition to needing aid with personal responsibilities. But most people have one problem, most personal assistants are out of budget. The virtual personal assistant comes in. A virtual personal assistant (VPA) is an executive assistant who can work from home and take on many of your most minor favorite responsibilities. By working over the phone or the Internet, they can handle many of the assistant services you traditionally associate with time-consuming office activities. And it turns out that this arrangement is frequently preferable to hiring a regular personal assistant. This is why.

Virtual Personal Assistant
Virtual Personal Assistant

The Benefits of Using Virtual Assistance Services

Considering all of the benefits above, but still unsure if a virtual administrative assistant can replace or even outperform a full-time employee? Then, let's examine a virtual assistant's functions in more detail:

The Price: An Unexpected Perk of Contracting Out Your Administrative Work

It might be pricey to hire an executive personal assistant full-time. It can add up faster than you might think when you include in the number of hours worked, the annual income, the perks, and the vacation time. What is a virtual personal assistant's benefit? Virtually, you may effectively have the same experience without spending as much money or committing to a full-time schedule.

Remember that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of benefits accounts for around 31% of the typical worker's income. In other words, you're not paying for the real hourly cost of the work you're paying for; rather, you're spending roughly a third of the total income on perks.

For those who have substantial budgets and enterprises, this is all well and good. However, just because of the high financial barrier, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy a terrific executive assistant experience.

On the other hand, a virtual assistant will be hired hourly. As a freelancing company, they don't require you to pay benefits.

Productivity and Why People Like Being Virtual Assistants

The increase in demand isn't the only factor driving people to work as virtual assistants. The flexible hours that come with working as a virtual assistant are appreciated by many people. They are free to work from the convenience of their own homes.

Most workers are only thought to be productive for three hours a day on average. For those three productive hours, you must pay a lot of money if you have full-time employees—much more than you would think you are.

You'll have a far more direct correlation between the hours you pay for and the output you observe when using a virtual personal assistant. You may see the outcomes of three hours of data input that you paid a virtual assistant to complete right away. There is no room for speculation. The results of your labour will be evident, and there will be an obvious correlation between hours worked, and wages received.

The helpers will benefit from this arrangement as well. They are given the opportunity to work on a more flexible schedule, sometimes from the security and comfort of their homes. Every day they save time since they don't have to travel to an office.

The Roles of a Virtual Personal Assistant

Let's start by busting the idea that virtual assistant services fall short of what a personal assistant can provide. The following are some of the most frequent jobs you may delegate to a personal assistant that works remotely:

1. Personal activities.

Do you require someone to schedule a private meeting over the phone? Do you require assistance with customer service and receiving a refund? Do you need someone to do some of the little everyday jobs you'd rather not handle? A virtual personal assistant can come to the rescue in this situation.

2. Data entry.

Anyone who works for themselves—or anyone in business—might find data entry to be one of their least favourite duties. To free up your time so you can concentrate on other matters, you may outsource data input to a virtual personal assistant.

3. Online research.

How long do you really spend researching online? Whether you're looking for the best printer to buy or investigating some amazing software that will boost the capacity of your firm, research may be a challenging but essential part of running a corporation. Your research requirements may be quickly met by a virtual personal assistant, which frees you up to make management-level choices in both your personal and professional spheres.

4. Calendar management.

All businesspeople, regardless of their experience level, might benefit from the better calendar management. Having a committed assistant who has years of calendar management experience on your side makes it much simpler to stay on top of personal appointments and maintain a work/life balance.

5. Small business odds and ends.

Is there a podcast in your company or personal life that need assistance? Do you dislike interacting with customer service? How can you stay in touch with those who live in a different time zone? How can you stay in touch with those who live in a different time zone? A wonderful method to guarantee that you'll have everything you need to make your everyday life as easy as possible is to hire someone who works much more like a freelancer than a full-time employee. ‍

6. Taking calls and other personal tasks.

A personal assistant can answer your calls, place them, and otherwise act as your eyes and ears while you concentrate on other tasks. This is excellent for anyone who has to periodically take time off for relaxing weekends and extended vacations since it keeps you informed in case of crises but otherwise allows you to separate your leisure from work.

4 Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

Reduce operating costs

Your business can cut costs by using virtual assistants to deliver affordable yet important services. Additionally, rather than on a full- or part-time basis, they could let you engage a freelance assistant on an as-needed basis.

Save time on initiatives and projects.

Taking notes or filing weekly or monthly cost reports are just two examples of the tactical or repetitive activities that virtual assistants frequently complete. These duties might detract from more urgent matters like customer meetings or lead creation. Leaders may concentrate on the most crucial items on their schedule when they assign time-consuming duties to virtual assistants.

Greater work efficiency

There's a chance that other team members are overworked and in need of short-term or long-term help. Leaders aren't the only ones who gain from this. For example, social media managers work best when they can delegate writing, research, or graphic design tasks to assistants so they can concentrate on editing and delivery.

A healthier, more flexible work environment

Your company's culture might change as a result of remote employment. The well-being of your team members can be significantly improved by allowing remote working. Think of a woman who is expecting and needs a break from work or a millennial who loves to work while on the go. Both workers are capable of performing their jobs just like anybody else, but being able to work from home may make them happier since it makes it easier for them to juggle other obligations.

Choosing and Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant Right Now

Already persuaded? Here are the fundamental actions you can take to employ your own virtual assistant:

Join our site. It won't take very long, and all of the future procedures will be considerably easier.

Work with a dedicated customer success manager. We don't want you to just work with any VA. We want you to choose the best candidate. Because of this, we take care to select personal assistants from our talent pool who have the qualifications to meet your unique demands.

Make the hire. As you review your possibilities, make an effort to match your requirements with the qualifications of the VPAs you're thinking about. ‍

Onboard the new personal assistant. Although you can't expect someone to comprehend all of your needs right once, a good onboarding process may help you come quite close. Consider the five most significant and frequent jobs you'd like to outsource and add instructions in this onboarding paper telling the VA how to complete them.

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