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The Reason Why Everyone Love Virtual Marketing Assistant

Updated: Jun 26

The Reason Why Everyone Love Virtual Marketing Assistant

What does a virtual marketing assistant do? What assets can they provide to your team? And how would your life change after you employ one? Simple questions with a wide range of solutions. We've created a quick guide to help you hire a virtual marketing assistant because of this. It includes some crucial facts you should be aware of, advice on delegating essential marketing responsibilities to one, and an example of what your company or solo venture may look like when you do.

Why a Virtual Marketing

Assistant in the First Place

The "what" has already been covered: what an assistant performs and how your company could change if you hire one. What about the "why", though? When you can bolster your team with a member who can physically visit the office, why would you recruit someone for marketing support on a virtual basis? Here are some suggestions.

Cost is the first. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average hiring across all industries and skill levels is $36 per hour or thereabouts. Your marketing efforts could benefit from adding a full-time team member with experience and expertise in marketing. Still, you'd be shocked at the hidden expenses involved with that decision.

Paying for someone's full-time employment means covering expenses such as benefits, bonuses, and the cost of paying someone to be present in the office even when they aren't contributing anything to the business. You must pay for vacation time and perform a drawn-out onboarding procedure when introducing someone to your business processes. Compare that to the typical way a VA operates.

They frequently have the option to choose their hours because they can work either full- or part-time. More productivity results from this often. Several studies have shown that full-time workers are only actually productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day. Employers find that outsourcing to a VA who puts in three total hours of productive work daily is frequently simpler and more manageable.

This increased production translates into money saved on your end. According to specific data, a virtual assistant may save operational expenses by as much as 79% annually.

In other words, a VA may be very successful and economical while possessing the knowledge and expertise in marketing needed to function effectively at your company.

What skills do Marketing Assistants have that can help small businesses?

Let's sum up the responsibilities mentioned above in a nutshell:


Since "Content is King," as you may have heard, blogging is crucial for many small companies. Virtual Marketing Assistants can make content suggestions for blog posts, organize and modify blog articles, optimize posts discovered in internet searches, add aspects to help commercialize posts, and alert subscribers about new posts. VAs work with their clients to maintain a regular schedule while producing content that is helpful to their audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Virtual Marketing Assistants know the value of SEO and how to apply it to the client's advantage. They understand how Google Analytics functions and how to edit material for improved outcomes. Seo Virtual assistant keyword research and then use the most effective ones in the client's blogs, graphics, and other content to boost the client's company's ranking and increase its visibility during online searches.

Social Media Promotion and Marketing

Many small company owners approach me seeking my assistance in promoting their websites and facilitating the sale of their online products. This is when a strong Virtual Marketing Assistant can be helpful. They will collaborate on planning and producing social media content that will interest the client's followers. Social Media Virtual Assistant are skilled in analyzing and utilizing the algorithms from several platforms to create the best schedules and content for specific clients. Many business owners lack time to handle the comments and interactions after posting many times per day or even once per week.

Affiliate Sales

Here, clients may earn money by advertising products they currently use and like. Many small company owners cannot set up accounts despite being aware of affiliate sales. Virtual Marketing Assistants assist in getting things started by creating the reports, adding product links to blogs and social media posts, and ensuring everything is done lawfully in accordance with FTC regulations.

Digital Product Creation and Marketing

Making and selling a digital product is another crucial option for customers to profit from their knowledge and experience. Many customers come to me seeking assistance because they have a concept for a product but have no clue how to develop it or market it to their intended market. Virtual Marketing Assistants have the time to conduct the necessary research, have the expertise to contribute to the product's creation, and are knowledgeable about how to produce and effectively promote the product.

Website Management

Digital marketing assistants may make little changes to websites, develop pop-up forms to collect emails, design and write landing pages, and even design and code whole websites. A small business owner may save a lot of money just by doing this. Virtual Marketing Assistants often have experience working with various platforms, so they are familiar with how to debug if a malfunction occurs—which will be.

Brand Marketing

It's brand marketing at its finest when an advertisement is instantly identifiable, even without words. Most newly established business owners lack a visual aesthetic that will make them stand out in the sea of internet sales. Based on the direct message or subject of the client, Virtual Marketing Assistants can assist in making suggestions for various fonts, colour schemes, filters, and content.

Sales Funnel Creation and Marketing Strategy

Assistants in digital marketing can advise how to convert website visitors into devoted customers. Lead magnets, email marketing, and social media postings will often go hand in hand with this. A competent Virtual Marketing Assistant will have a broad perspective and know how to create and launch a successful sales funnel.

Online Community Manager

In addition to assisting with social media marketing for the client's online community, this role also entails acting as a Facebook Community Manager for the client's Facebook groups and memberships. This may involve publishing, filtering, providing customer assistance, getting information from the client's point of view, gathering testimonies, and interacting with the group. Several Virtual Marketing Assistants also offer this service.

What a large number of tasks! I refer to my virtual assistants for digital marketing as unicorns since they become skilled in a wide range of activities that will aid in the online success of their small company customers. Many business owners require someone who can "do it all" since they lack the initial funding to recruit a whole crew. Remember that if your schedule permits, you may initially begin by offering just one or two services. Work your way up, but remember how everything fits together in the scheme.

Advantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Marketing

How can a virtual marketing assistant benefit your business? Based on companies that have successfully assembled an offshore team of virtual assistants to lighten their burden, these are the salient benefits.

More time to allocate to Marketing Strategy and Research

When marketing managers delegate tedious and time-consuming duties, they free up more time for strategic thinking, which consistently produces better outcomes than execution.

You'll be in the right frame to develop your marketing strategy and brand and catch up on rival and trend research if you have extra time for an approach.

Learn and build your skills.

There is a story about two lads drawing water from the well. One began moving more quickly because he wanted to do more. However, he became exhausted more quickly the quicker he proceeded. The second youngster concentrated on moving forward at the same speed but with a larger pail. Who, in your opinion, executed their tasks more skillfully?

Our knowledge is our "bucket" in marketing, and we need to increase it by acquiring new skills. Growth will only happen organically when a marketing manager outsources and rededicates time to learning—for both the manager and the business.

Increase collaboration

The addition of a person who can participate in the planning and ideation processes is made possible by hiring an online marketing virtual assistant on its own. The old saying goes, "Two brains are better than one," especially in marketing.

When marketing managers think of new methods to advertise a product or service or establish a brand, they have a second person to bounce ideas off who can offer extra insight and perspective on an idea or campaign.

Experience work-life balance

Employing virtual assistant marketing services benefits marketing managers in more ways than one. It also has an impact on their entire lives. Consider how many extra hours a marketing manager would need to complete their tasks. They typically make sacrifices regarding their free time.

Marketing Managers may now have a better work-life balance and the opportunity to relax when the workday is over or the weekend arrives, thanks to the additional help. The best way to deal with professional burnout is to establish job boundaries.

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