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Virtual Assistant Services: Get More Done for Less

Updated: Oct 18

Virtual assistants (VAs) are self-employed individuals that carry out your business tasks while working from home. Adding virtual assistant services to your workforce can be a terrific way to increase productivity.

Virtual assistant services are essential to the success of any online business. They are less expensive for your clients than personal assistants, and you may work remotely and with many clients at once, depending on what is best for you and your company. And what's the most excellent part of all? The range of services you can provide as a virtual assistant is endless. Furthermore, your income potential will continue to increase indefinitely if there is no cap.

virtual assistant services
virtual assistant services

So continue reading, VAs—this article is for you!

25 Services a Virtual Assistant Can Provide

Most virtual assistant services are economical options that charge for the job according to the duties or the number of hours completed. This may free up crucial time for busy company owners to focus on developing and expanding their companies rather than becoming bogged down in little but necessary tasks.

1. Bookkeeping

Because they lack the time, most individuals detest bookkeeping, yet it's necessary to maintain a business's good health. There you may provide many services umbrella, including sending invoices, paying bills, assisting with tax preparation, and handling payroll for staff.

2. Graphic Design

When running a business, your requirement for graphic design may be greater than you initially anticipated. You can start a business by creating client-specific business cards, sales sheets, or logos.

3. Online Marketing

Everybody requires web marketing, regardless of the nature of their business. Content production is undoubtedly a component of it, from making Facebook advertisements to finding banner ads. Additionally, promote your services as an online marketing inspector. Make recommendations for where your clients should be based on where they now appear in internet marketing.

4. PR

Everyone, not only wealthy business owners, may benefit from public relations services. As a virtual assistant, you can also provide crisis management, press release writing services, pitch writing (less formal and shorter than press announcements), and pitch customers to news organisations, podcast hosts, and other bloggers.

5. Management

Reputation management, a part of PR, covers what people are saying about you online. Keeping your client informed of the discussion and dealing with dissatisfied clients may help their business function more smoothly.

6. Social Media Management

Nearly everyone knows the advantages of social networking, yet many company owners don't have the time for it. Create content calendars for your clients that illustrate when and what to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Additionally, you may provide content for each social media platform to give your clients a comprehensive platform across many platforms.

7. Community Management

In addition to managing social media, you should also interact with the communities (i.e., prospective or present consumers) that leave comments on posts, send direct messages, or leave reviews on your client's social media pages. This might entail answering inquiries from clients, addressing grievances, and generally interacting with those who post on your feed.

8. Social Media Ads

You'll probably notice many advertisements when you go into your social media accounts. This is a fantastic approach to promoting your company. So, as a virtual assistant, including writing and designing Instagram and Facebook ad content in your list of services.

9. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is just writing as if you are the company owner (without getting a byline for yourself). This may be as large as producing blog entries for someone's website or assisting them with their manuscript.

10. Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the reason why great businesses are great. But in addition to social media, clients can contact a company through phone, email, or the "contact us" page of a website. This will be a pleasurable duty that will greatly benefit business owners if you enjoy working with individuals.

11. Live Chat Customer Service

Nowadays, many e-commerce websites include live chat as a means for users to interact and inquire about a business. You'll be able to provide your customers' consumer bases with more individualised care if you give this kind of customer support in real-time.

12. Administrative Work

The range of administrative duties includes everything from conducting corporate audits to assisting with product launches to even putting up processes and schedules. These are frequently combined with little duties to form a more significant job function.

13. Recruiting

A crucial function is assisting clients with hiring for available positions, whether they are full-time or contract jobs. This starts with posting positions on local employment boards and LinkedIn and involves conducting interviews and pre-screening candidates.

14. Data Entry

Being a virtual assistant, you'll be busy because it's a part of almost every firm. You may do data verification as part of your job responsibility in addition to entering alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into the unique software systems of your customer.

15. Affiliate Management

An affiliate manager, in the simplest terms, manages the websites that host affiliate links for your client's companies. The website will receive a tiny commission if a customer clicks and buys something. But entering this field of marketing may be quite lucrative for your clients. Therefore, it makes sense to provide this service.

16. Influencer Campaign Management

These days, influencer programmes are omnipresent. Even if your customer is aware of them, they might not know how to participate. You may assist with that by locating influencers, presenting your client to them, assisting in contract negotiations, and monitoring campaign outcomes.

17. Contest and Giveaway Management

Contests are a fantastic way for businesses to boost engagement and reach new clients. You may suggest prospective sponsors and collaborations, acquire prizes, convey regulations, manage submissions, choose a winner, and deliver the reward in your area of expertise.

18. Research Assistant

For a business owner, the research never ends. Finishing various research jobs will help you stand out as a virtual assistant, whether your clients require a market study of their rivals or an audit of their target market.

19. SEO Services

In case you were unaware, search engine optimisation increases website traffic. Making sure your client's website is optimised for SEO results establishes them as a brand leader in their field, gets them in front of their target audience, reduces the time they spend developing content, and puts them in front of quality prospects.

20. Travel Agent

Travel planning is unquestionably a service you should provide as a virtual assistant to customers that frequently travel for business. These enjoyable duties may truly benefit a time-strapped company owner, from booking travel and lodging to organising dinner reservations for client meetings.

21. Resume Writing

Many folks want assistance in organising all of their beautiful experiences into a sheet of interesting, understandable information in addition to resume design services. Use your résumé to illustrate the kind of material you can produce for other people.

22. Email Management

Owners of businesses may be unable to do business because of their overflowing inboxes. Offer to build up a system for sorting and responding to incoming messages, passing messages to the right team members, creating email responses to their customers' most frequent inquiries, and establishing automatic filters as part of this service.

23. Project Management

There is an excellent reason why so many organisations use in-house project managers. They are the ones that keep a company operating at total capacity. You may provide so many abilities under this heading, from starting projects and managing deadlines to organising team meetings and developing procedures that make the firm run more smoothly.

24. Formatting eBooks and Courses

A typical revenue stream for internet company entrepreneurs is the sale of courses or eBooks. However, even if they have the material, they could still want assistance with tasks like designing a layout, selecting fonts, organising footnotes and endnotes, and more.

25. Event Management

Many companies require someone on staff ready to manage and arrange events, whether your customer wants to put together a small conference, workshop, or team event for their personnel. As a virtual assistant, you can be requested to identify sponsors, reserve a location, set up guest lodgings, advertise the event, or book caterers.

Final Thoughts

You can provide many different virtual assistant services as a virtual assistant, but your first step should be creating a fantastic website highlighting all you can do.

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