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Are you ready to revolutionize your company? Rozi Academy's virtual receptionists assist you in achieving your objectives by saving you time and satisfying your clients. See for yourself how we go far beyond being a simple answering service. Live virtual receptionists that make your life better and make your small business more profitable. We'll take messages for you, book appointments, and more.

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Our setters work 8 hours per day according to your time zone to grow and nurture out your audience

You’re A Professional.Your Virtual Receptionist Should Be Too.

We have designed our own SOPs and KPIs in such a way that produce the best results!

2/7 live call answering

Customized greetings

No lock-in contract

Premium Quality

Managed Virtual Assistants 

You don't have the time to manage the VAs? Don't worry! We've got your back. All the activities of Appointment Setters is tracked and managed by us 

Daily Reporting - SOPs & KPIs

With every hire you get custom made KPIs and SOPs which are based on best organic practices so that the Setter can give you the best possible results!

Our Services

We deliver you the most hustle free way so you can work ON your business instead of working In your business

1. Dealing with your Clients

Firstly, whenever you choose to have your calls forwarded, they will ring through to Rozi Academy. We'll provide you with the number for simple forwarding. This implies that you will continue to use your most recent publicized number. Then our company phone answering services start doing their magic!

2. We Answer Your Business Phone Calls

Secondly, according to your special call handling instructions or the virtual receptionist appointment booking & appointment scheduling choices, a pleasant and welcoming receptionist welcomes your caller and gathers information. That is the degree of customization offered.

3. You Get Happy Clients

Thirdly, we'll convey the information to you, forward your calls, and accept messages (via email, text, and CRM). Even better, we can phone your clients to confirm appointments or to remind them of them. Because of this, your clients will be satisfied, and your business will function more efficiently and effectively


With every placement we offer you a dedicated proven system to double your interaction time.

Custom Voicemail

Are you not interested in using receptionist minutes? Are you not available to take calls yourself? Use the customizable voicemail system that comes with your Rozi Academy package. 

Appointment Scheduling

Attract clients or consumers by offering convenient scheduling. You won't be double booked since we integrate with your website's preferred calendaring system (at no extra cost to you)!

Lead Qualification & Intake

Rozi Academy identifies every possible new client while excluding salespeople and intrusive calls. We can gladly send leads your way for rapid service when you're available. We will be pleased to qualify those leads for you if you are unavailable.

Our Results

Organic Appointment Setting


$5800 in single deal!

Organic Appointment Setting


$6800 closed!

Organic Lead generation

3 Days In and & Booked!

7th meeting in 3 days!


This video would answer the question of WHY should you invest in yourself and your business to hire Appointment Setters who can quadruple your Revenue

What Our Customers Say

Some of our customers were kind enough to leave reviews, check them below 

"Rozi Academy did a fantastic job representing us, and their customer care in assisting us in resolving business issues has been unmatched. We are grateful for all that Rozi Academy has done for us.”

man 3

Akin Webb

7 figure consulting

On days when I have to be away from the office, I find it most beneficial to be able to send a message to their staff and have it implemented swiftly. The turnaround time is generally relatively quick, which I enjoy because time is always of the essence 

Female Entrepreneur

Chelsea Hopkins

Scale to 7 figures

When it came to customer service and answering my calls, Rozi Academy performed. They went above and beyond to make sure that everything was handled promptly and effectively, and they were always there for me when I needed help.


E-Success Agency

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